Sitting before the sea
I become lost in reverie
Barely noticing the dance
Everything dancing around me.

The sea is there
Furiously in motion
Yet still, curiously still
Until I notice the commotion.

With a full tide running
Disused wood slowly passes
On the edge of a wave
A Sparkle of light dances.

The water is all color and waves
Pushed by the wind alighting
Corralling it as if in staves
And the wind is pushed by the light
The light that comes from off-stage.

Flowing; everything flowing
All, except for me
Sitting in my state of unknowing
And suddenly it comes to me
Looking at an ocean
Seeing the stillness in motion.

I am the stillness
Not the waves prancing
Not the body but the host
Yet only bodies are dancing
And water, still water, is the only stage.

All that is, all of this
Even ‘me’ that you point to
Is only waves dancing
Dancing in bliss
In the light that comes from off-stage.

And the flow, all the water flowing
What tide is there to push it?
Moving yet leaving waves dancing
There, right now, do you see them?

There really is only one answer
And only one dancer
And I, the restless I, in my now knowing
Am a sparkle of light dancing
Stillness in motion, dancing in the ocean
Of light that comes from off-stage.

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