Here is a riddle
That really might make you giggle
But the answer to this is the secret key
To all of life’s dark mysteries.

Here we are in this world of reality
In which the most important part is not what we see
Whether it be forces of nature or Nature alone
There is always an unseen that makes it all homegrown.

But never do we notice that there is a duality
Between vision and that which sees
The problem is this: vision is a complicated modality
But the best answer is the simplest don’t you agree?

The riddle is why we insist on making things that don’t exist
So answer me this: why create things we cannot see?
Your answer is important and I really want to persist –
Gravity, electro-magnetic fields and dark energy?!?

It all sounds like just so much sophistry.

So here is my query
That I hope cuts through all your theory:
How can a thing see?
Doesn’t it need vision to see?

But when all the equipment is there, where is vision?
Ah, consciousness you feel must be your decision.
So consciousness can see before vision is present?
What need for vision if it can only supplement?

It’s silly and I know that I niggle,
But really, your theories just make me giggle!
I feel that you have convoluted the truth!
It’s easy to see if you are an attentive sleuth.

The eye cannot see
How could it possibly be?
If you notice that you are present and aware
You can see exactly where you err.

It’s sight that sees –
And only awareness can be…
Be an eye, and in so being
Become the beauty we think we’re really viewing!

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