Nature Abounds

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As if each moment brings forth a Spring tide
Nature abounds, overrunning herself
Yet, is still and abides –
What silence looms within such turbulence.

As if creating harmony and conflict
Was no difference, she is indifferent
Yet, she is there as her own benediction –
What beauty arises as she prays.

As if all things wanting to be become
Momentary, fleeting, a sweetness of light
Yet, I taste what it was to be –
What remains longingly, not here, not now.

As if time there will be for such sweet love
Libations shared, laughter that vaults space
Yet, never the same libation do lips drink of –
What then can this moment be?

As if there is another place with time to begin
This shared masquerade, this momentary when
Yet, rivulets ever-flowing seek their origin –
What ocean unseen fills this air scented with rain?

As if what cannot be now might be there then
Is there this other place where love rests?
Yet, resting, what celtic ache strums that when –
What other is there that would happily attend?

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