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Words overflowing from your heart are such a beautiful thing
Words not uttered from your heart can hide you from this world
Such words as this can hide you even from your deepest self
As a vine slowly covers and then subsumes even the sturdiest of walls
Crumbling it to ruin until all that is left is a broken vine
Collapsing upon itself
Reminiscent, perhaps, of the sturdy wall
That was once standing solidly there
Your meaning is within you
Find it there, go deep
It won’t be found in others
So your words must come from you and no other
For no one but you will sing the song of your life
Singing it well and true
No one can sing of that life but you
The meaning deep in the heart of you
That’s the story straight and true
Of what it was to be
Ever so only–You
So free your Self and let her sing
Your heart is such a very special thing
Alone, perhaps, most likely not
But unique and precious too
So sing from your heart
From deep deep within
And let other people quote you!

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  1. jeglatter says:

    Yes! Singing other’s songs I enjoyed sharing the beauty but somehow there was still a pesky ache inside now that I am singing my own I feel Joy. :) Thank you for this poem.

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