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I find that when I think about time, I can only visualize it in spatial terms, as a timeline, or a circle, and find it perfectly adequate to substitute for distance: ” New York is 3,600 miles from me.” and ” New York is 8 hours from me.” both work.

We all see time this way because “time” is an abstract conceptualization of a ‘flattened’ world from which our (divine) Presence has been removed… the kind of world that fits mathematical expression, which is quantitative and therefore spatial (dimensional) in form. Mathematics can’t express anything qualitative like even the simplest of your daily experiences–in the way they flowed through your awareness.

And if you really think about it, it’s our presence as aware beings that is the real time because events, as a directed stream of experiences, only happen for aware beings. The flattened world of science can go forward, backward, or not at all–it doesn’t matter to the maths–leading to all sorts of ‘paradoxes’.

And even science acknowledges that time is ‘local’ to a perceiver. (Spoiler Alert!)

So I believe you and I are Time. And there is nothing paradoxical in that!

Ok, back to “today…”

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  1. Don Salmon says:

    teammate to Yogi Berra: “Hey Yogi, what time is it?”

    Yogi Berra: “You mean now?”

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