I awake born anew healed by the distance of memories
All my joys of yesterdays once lived through
Serious sadnesses that once I knew too
All of these like long-ago stories a few of us knew
Nothing or little left to become attached to
No slight still objected to
No loss, no pain, no rejection that hides you truly from me
I greet this day devoid of all of my sins
Not lost in reveries and reminiscences of where I’ve been
The Sun is here today, the sky once more robed in morning
I slowly sip my morning coffee taking it all in
Then realize the possibility of you is gone too
And that is a loss – a terrible price to pay
For letting all of the detritus of my life fall away
Oh, not Lethe, but Hesperides is what I yearn for
And the chance, just the merest possibility
To love you once more
For the world is freshly born now too
Yet lacks the je-ne-sais-quoi that I always knew with you
Life is for the living and living is what I do
And will do so until the Truth of it comes through
To greet me as the sun does now do
I will begrudge only the kiss that I missed with you
You who is so lost in rules and the awkwardness of youth
Unsure of what to do
Not having learned the simplest of truths
This life is for the living and living is what you must do.

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  1. This is so beautiful. “Then realize the possibility of you is gone too and that is a loss”… This line evokes so much for me.

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