The Meaning Of Life

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There is meaning behind everything that we experience and everything that we do. Which makes me feel that it is silly to ever ask what the meaning of life is. The meaning of life, our life, is what we pay attention to and how we act. Nothing more, nothing less. So I view everything that happens in my life as being imbued with important meaning that I should take the time to understand. And I feel that my life is a precious gift that I should honor by creating as much beauty and manifesting as much love as my creative abilities and loving feelings allow. Each moment is spoiled if it is not filled with love and beauty. And each opportunity for growth and a fuller expression of my truth is lost if I do not make the effort to contemplate the meaning of what I experience. It is a path of joyous exhaustion, painful exuberance, sweet, sweet happiness, and bittersweet sadness–a human life, fully lived.

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