Apr 14


If you were all there is
Not as many, but as one
Would you be alone?

I think it is only when
As one among many
We recognize that we are alone.

But that means, of course,
That we are not.

Yet, what is that bittersweetness
That floods the quiet moment
The time when our awkward protestations quiesce?

Is it not proof that we must be all?
All that there is
All that there may be?

Then aren’t we alone?
What arms are there to embrace us?

Yet, I stretch out my arms to you
In the joy of knowing that you are here
Wanting to be joined into one.

Is that not proof that we must each be
Separate and alone in our needful silence
That we want so much to be held ourselves?

What is this thing that it is one
And yet two reaching out to the other?

Is this some dark torment
Holding in abeyance the joy that is there
To take and hold, to share and compare?

Or is it not the promise of bliss
The warmth of the other, the beat of another heart
The assuring pressure – skin against skin?

What more beautiful than this can there be?
What more astounding to accomplish?

I am all that there is, with no other
And yet I am not you, nor you I
And it is in this eachness that we can complete

That which we were when we started
That which we will be again.

Not alone in aloneness
Not together in one
Somehow, infinite in each other.

(Published in Non-Duality Magazine, Volume 5 Fall/winter 2011/2012)

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