May 27


Everything is uncaused; nothing exists without reason…
A flower emerges when warm sunny days arrive
But just when that will happen not even the seed knows.

To exist unreasonably is not allowed by the formalities;
But to be caused is impossible
Even if current events make it seem so.

Simply look for the magical event
That first link in the historical chain of becauses…
It must be there or the chain drags unanchored
And it is always magical;
not connecting the dots…
just disappearing them away!
So look for it in every causal discourse.

But not without reason could a flower appear to be
Even when arising from a crack in the pavement
Such an unlikely place to be
And yet, so it is; and often, it seems to me.

Realize the spontaneous nature that is all things
And the formalities become clear
Not as rigid structure; but all the forms that can be…
And the noticing of them
That is what it is to be…

It’s a simple tune, played within the mind
Or rather, when noticing is active it hums its tune to be
At play in the field of all there can be…

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