Mar 25

Land and Sky

Ocean is where Land and Sky meet
In tumultuous heaving
Gentle caresses
The touch and slide of loving fingers
We call these things and name them so
Waves, dunes, ripples, and mist
But that is because of our embarrassment
For it is Love making Sky and Land making Love
And we Victorian spinsters all turn from our shame
For this is Love in all her wettest Glory
The immediacy of her most intimate story
She surrounds her Land and engulfs Him so
Waves spinning sand into spinning waves as One
Unneedful of any of those products of man
That try to further what is needful of none
If we but Live together as this Ocean of One.

I see the Sky and call her Blue.
I am the Land awaiting her dew
Making due with a few salty licks
Patiently waiting the flood of her tide
The flood of this Ocean of Love she Lives through
Wondering if I shall ever have She as you
This and every morning I await
And will do so until my final Adieu!

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