Silence is absence
It is not the clock ticking in an empty room
Void of laughter and friends
It is not the sudden hush of the birds as evening closes
Ending their song
It is not the sudden stop of the dog’s barking
Cowered by an oath from a nearby man
It is not the trailing off of conversation between dinner guests
No longer able to maintain a facade of interest
It is not anything that is missing
But the felt absence of something that should be there
Like the idle chatter of friends enjoying the moment together
Like the chorale joy of the morning put on by the birds
Like the conversation of people interested in each other
Silence is not what is missing but the missing itself
So silence is always full of meaning
Yet meaning only inferred
It does not carry a meaning like words on paper
Or a smile
A light touch between friends
Or the raucousness of birds
But it is the emptiness inside each of us
The distance between us
That silence brings
That is the meaning of silence.

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