A Man Met Himself

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It had been cold a very long time and
Rocks were covered by clear sheets of ice.

There was no pleasure in days such as this
And yet, there was…
For the cold made things sharper if one looked.

But that was the trick, one had to look
For it was in the looking that one finds the truth.

A man met himself going out of town and
This made him wary because it was not normal
To meet oneself like this.

The man paused and his self paused too
The two looked each upon the other.

At first he could not see any visible differences, yet
There must be differences that I cannot see
Each thought to himself.

The man asked his self who he was
And his self asked him the same.

What trickery is this? the man thought
He could see the brow on the other furrow in doubt
As if the other was a mime.

How can this be? the man questioned
His self questioned too.

The man looked for a very long time
Until he became anxious about his self’s intentions
Whether he meant to harm him.

This made him squirm a little and
That is when he realized it was just his reflection in the ice.

Surprised and having had enough of this
He hurled a “good day” to his self
As he hurried along his way.

As he passed, his self turned to follow
A smile crossed his face as he echoed “good day!”

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