Beauty (Once Again)

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Beauty does not exist in the world
          It exists in our hearts when serene
Because beauty is not an attribute of any unappreciated thing
          Neither sunset, landscape, or some passing pretty girl
Beauty is the name of a feeling, not some other thing
          Only our hearts can feel the something ‘other than’, within every beautiful thing
It’s love of course, but even more
          It’s the moment of realization that only love can bring
An acknowledgement of what we have found here —
          Here, in the resonant feeling of being all together, right here
So when I say you are the most beautiful of all beauty that seems
          I speak of this silent moment, elongated, that only together we bring
Beauty is our appreciation of seeing beyond the apparent thing
          In its momentary disguise as just some lonely old thing
Things are not beautiful when present by themselves
          Only when together does beauty color everyone and all things
A flower alone is a wasted effort unless the bee arrives
          Because only when together do things become more alive
Like a human life lived alone wrapped up in a cocoon of self
          A bee alone is a desolate being who can’t make honey by himself
Together, is the alchemy from which all beauty can arise
          So spread your wings and flee the flat surface of things
And Open your heart to the feeling of beauty
          That only attentiveness to the ‘other than’ brings
Realize yourself–in every moment that arrives–this incredible beauty
          Like the beauty I feel when we are together, together in everything.

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