Deep Down Inside

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Deep down inside
From whence my interior paramour comes
Dressed all up in you
Is a place that should be guarded still
Lair of Persephone
Underworld to my world
Oh why does it roil my heart so
She cannot observe but becomes
So that words and feelings are but one
In this way does she overcome
The illusion of distance
And show me that we are one
My paramour speaks and my hand moves
My protestations are meaningless
And only truth can become

These words come at a cost
Distance and separation
The illusion of other
It is not the words themselves
But the speaking in which it is done
Her alchemy
Turning us from lead to gold
I become fused with you
Because she confuses me with your form
I make love to you
With her words
But it is she and not me
That loves
I am but her simple fool
And yours.

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