Dreamers Who Fell Asleep

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Perhaps there was a different path that we could have taken.

I reflect on that thought
And the need I have to think it
My souvenirs of her are many and cherished
Her words once a joy, were full of love and excitement
Her eyes crinkled with happiness
But now her words are few, heavy, and dead
And she won’t grace me with her eyes
Yet still I know there is love in those eyes
And here in mine as well
But it’s clear this path has run its course
With little left but fallen fruit along the way
Best left for insects to clear away.

Yet still I taste a hint
Spring in the air and its promise
It’s always there with her
This ‘Springness’ of each day that I greet
Now with her – I am alone
Yet still filled with her
My heart always flamed by love.

I am too ripe and stand in the fullness of my purpose
It gives me license to say the truth of what I am
But she is too young and unsure of the world
As she lies in her silence
Hoping that her dreams will come true
With free home delivery.

My love was blunted by her silence
Her dreams grazed and scratched by my truth
And it all fades into the memory of another lost tomorrow
That was never here
But always and only just around the corner
Lost among all the other dreams
Of dreamers who fell asleep

Yet there is love still
And always will be
Vigilant for a dawn that will never come
Waiting on the path upon which we were lost
Our destination still in mind
But she is nowhere now
And I no longer call out
Into her lengthening silence
Where only the echo of my heart beating
Love for her
Reminds me that Love never dies.

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