Dreams Are Like Waves

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Dreams are like waves
Forces that direct the unfolding of our lives
Each unique in its way
Some impressive and unstoppable
Others insignificant and without evident effect
All are the result of the blowing of some unseen wind
Tidal forces of a moon that does not disclose itself
Each is a beginning
Actualizing what may be
Delimited from what is not.

I gaze out over the surf of my life
And I await the right wave
Even if it shall never come
For I learned long ago
And many times
That some waves will lift you off your feet
Then smash you down into the hard ground
And keep you there
As if some unstable fat man landed on your back
And you struggle to get free.

I await the dream that I know will come
Because I have seen it pass in the distance
Each time it has approached
Closer to my shore
Before again veering off to some other chosen shore
There to reverberate happily off the surrounding beach
A beach filled with other hopes and desires
Gathering its strength I imagine.

I know this dream by sight
And see it partially given
In every wave that approaches me
Sometimes enough to fool me
Thinking that the wave has finally arrived
For it is our own imagining that one sees in waves
Shaped by the hopes and desires we harbor
Floating us to just the right height
So far above the surrounding turmoil
But no more than that.

We await the wave that will embody our heart’s deepest longing
And turn away from the imperfectly shaped
The incorrectly sized
The misaligned
Possibilities of our lives
And stand like some forlorn tree set off from the water’s edge
As if too timid to get our roots wet.


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