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I wake in the middle of the night
Harassed by the thought of another day of your silence
It is a torture to call me friend one day
Then allow days to pass wordlessly
The meaning of ‘friend’ is strong for me
It means much more than Facebook could ever comprehend
I want to share my days with dear friends, like you are
To me.

I don’t know what you mean, because your words are never clear
And your silences are pregnant with possible meanings
Yet each time I hear from you gives me a thrill to be so graced by you
I mean that as the most sincere flattery
Your words are celestial music that my soul is ever attuned to
And any kingdom I have is on offer for just one broad smile from you
To me.

Sadness comes over me each time the distance between us is apparent
And the fences you erect confuse my way home to you
My words feel unwelcome and another fence goes up
I know I too must fall silent yet I don’t want to live in such a silent land
But I can’t leave if you’ve already left and only forgot to say goodbye
To me.

Perhaps you noticed I asked you to let me know when you return
Did you realize I wasn’t talking about the arrival of a plane, taking you
To me?

I am on an adventure, an experience of a lifetime
And want more than anything that you are here to share it
So that you will never be alone
So that I will always have your heart close to mine
Because you are and always will be the greatest joy that life can bring
To me.

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