I Wonder

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I wonder
Wandering the intricate convolutions of my life
We will ever see one another again?
And sit on grass with only each other to attend
In intimate conversation of our one-in-two soul?
Will we walk a forest path together again
Recounting moments of such magnitude in our lives
We don’t notice the magnitude of that moment?
Will we ever spread a blanket on the grass again
To share a mid-day together as our food passes hand-to-hand?
Or look out over the sea searching its horizon
As if it holds the key to all our life’s mysteries
While we share tears of emotional release?
Will we giggle like two little children
Happy to be together?
Will I ever again feel the beat of your heart against my chest?
Or the lightest touch of your hand through my hair?
Is it now that we become old friends?
A reminiscence only of one who was once a presence?
I wonder

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