Quiet Engulfing of Time

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I am full of gratitude for you
dear friend
you who blessed me with your smiles
and the moments we shared together
heavenly they were
beyond the ken of Autumn’s reign
each alive with joy
alive with hope and pregnant with future
illusory though it was
it was everything that life can be
and more
for it was with you
you who feels so near to the truth
and yet still so far
a paradox like unfinished wine
nearing its time
you are so
and I will also remain
in love though no longer in life
and this is what I am most grateful for
you have released me
unset my limits
and given me reign once again
over me
no longer bound by love
only with love
and love will always remain
and you my friend
sweetest of my memories
salt of so many of my tears
and the quickest pull of my lips’ smile
into the quiet engulfing of time.

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