(with a Dr. Seuss bounce)

Mystics, Lamas, Saints, and Magicians,
all of them like to say:
“What’s visible isn’t real,
because what’s real is ineffable.”
But in saying so, they tell a lie!
(for telling it is the lie!)

Why? Because “ineffable” is a philosopher’s word,
and these are like the wind —
whooshing loudly about the place
and making a great din,
then suddenly disappearing
as if never having been!

If the visible isn’t real
it’s something other than that,
but to say what’s real is ineffable fails
by describing the Real as some thing!
(And how could it be like that?)

But scientists are no better —
probably to very likely, we find —
wandering through their data
searching within their confines.
Because datums aren’t real,
and they’re not even about that…
So they miss the real lightening within
By making everything really flat!

The Real is simple,
and necessarily so —
So, complexities abounding?
To that I just have to say No!
No explanations can be sought,
no parts and linkages found,
the Real just really is
beyond the grasp of thought.

Ask yourself:
What kind of life could really be
if there was no Real to start?
And how could something real be made
if no Real was present to take part?

What could happen to start it all
if the Real wasn’t there for locomotion?
And what could possibly wait for it —
some thing to start the commotion?

And what could be waiting —
if there wasn’t any Real at all?
When would it even happen —
would time exist after all?

If you are attentive and listen,
ignoring puffed up words,
perhaps you will notice this:
that deep within what’s visible
really everything points to This!

Even these debatable words
so seemingly simple, do!
For who would be debating this
if the Real simply withdrew?

There is a trick to what’s visible…
the Real is the key to its own trickery!
The trickery not so much…
it’s the magician that does the trick —
not the trick that does the magic.

So realize this first once and for all:
anything you say about the Real
will absolutely fail!
But look within and see the flash,
hear the thunder of that which lasts,
and know it as that to which you belong.

And that is why I danced this song
Instead of spinning it about.

One Response to “Simply Real and Beyond Illusion”

  1. JoMa says:

    Come and dance
    The words of quick wit
    Spin a slow round
    And show a high stance…

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