Union of Fellow Travelers

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It ends in silence
Not the silence that precedes applause
As the curtain lowers upon the stage
But the Silence looming down the road
As we each arrive at our terminus
This Silence is the end of all things
That our little silences effectuate to bring
And serve as a reminder in our lives
That each moment is precious
Even though we rush past.

There are times when we deserve applause
Finding beauty in the world otherwise unseen
Illuminating by the joy of being present
One for each other, together as we sometimes are.

Some flowers die unseen yet are beauty nonetheless
If you look closely in out of the way places
Instead of hurrying toward a destination always out of reach
That is more important somehow than the journey you are on
You can notice them, here, there, just about anywhere
Growing crooked or stunted at times, at others gloriously
Unwanted flowers, unwanted by all
Except for the wayward bee who notices what others ignore
Like a refreshment stand alone along a deserted highway
Love can be like this.

It’s already too late when once you have rushed past
Too much is already unseen
It takes a force of will ungifted to most
To return to what could have been a beautiful scene
And see it afresh, see it alive, as it should have been seen.

The meaning of silences are not easily known
For they are the veritable hiding of meaning
Hiding our meaning from each other
Falsely believing we are being frugal with our truth
Or professing that we are unaware that we have a truth
When we are more truly squandering the only truth we have
Because that Silence looms ahead upon any path we take
And only in the joyful union of fellow travelers
Do we honor the divine gift we have been given —
Each other.

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