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Is It Possible To Refine One’s View?

No. This is a misunderstanding based upon a reification of something called a “view” which is seen as a universal aspect of all future experience, or of a “mind,” by “someone.” This implicates a conceptual abstraction of “aspect,” a reification of a “self” as someone that views, and the concept of “change” which requires something that changes.

The question is what is “an understanding?”

An “understanding” is wisdom, that is, temporal-formal possibility.

A human life is a particular form of time that contains a natural plenum—literally “full space,” or dharmādhatu—swollen with possibilities that may presentially manifest. Note that this “fullness*” is empty of both inherent existence and self-sameness (identity), and is thus also referred to as “emptiness.”

The adverting of attention—this focus of Now (Presence)—presentially manifests (“animadverts”) different coherent possibilities. This animadversion (presentially manifesting by adverting attention within the plenum of possibility) is not content of mind, or reference of thought, nor perception of other, rather it is autogenous (self-arising) activity—the naturing, or actualizing, of possibility inherent in the temporal-form, i.e. wisdom (understanding) manifested. The possibilities inherent in the natural plenum of each individual human life contain the “karmic tendencies” as mis-understandings, as well.

Thus the “training” (repetitive turning) of attention towards concentration, mindfulness, and absorption (samādhi), presentially manifests wisdom from the plenum of possibility, and we call this manifesting, “experience.” Consequently other wisdom inherent in the plenum of a particular human life is not manifest, and thus is not experienced. Yet, even those possibilities removed “from view” are still possible because, as unactualized, they are possible, those being the only two states of wisdom. Spontaneously creative naturing of Now can actualize anything at all, within the natural plenum. Nothing is created, nothing is born, nothing really arises. What is not manifested is possible. What is manifested is actualized, coherently.

What this means, in particular to the question, “Is it possible to refine one’s view?” is that there is no view to be refined, only understandings to be put aside. This “putting aside” is the fruit of training (repetitively turning) the attention towards concentration, mindfulness, and absorption. It is the untying of a knot of mis-understandings that have obscured and hidden the clear light of Pure Presence (Eternity). It cannot be accomplished by the addition of more mis-understandings, more conceptual ideas of what should be. It is true that this temporal-form called a human life is already “enlightened” in the sense that the original understanding of the clear light of Pure Presence is inherent in all temporal-forms. It is not true, however, that there is nothing to be done. Merely believing that there is nothing to be done, without training the attention, is another mis-understanding further obscuring the truth.


(For additional background, see: Seven Guides)



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