Wandering Hearts

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How often do our hearts wander away from the movement of our day? Drifting off to some somnolent state? Vacationing somewhere else? Playing hide-and-seek hoping that life will play along? Perhaps taking refuge in some old familiar place?

But we can’t live half here and half not! Half alive, half something else.

When our interior feelings, that continuously play in our heart, bring images, memories, and ideas to mind that distract us from what is happening to us in that moment, it’s time for us to either change the scene we are in, or free our hearts from the traumas, hopes, and dreams that haunt us.

The best is to find an outer world that matches our inner yearnings. But if that is not possible, then our only hope is to let go, and open our hearts to what may be right in front of us.

To stay unfaithful to ones own life is a path into darkness. To rest, unfulfilled, is to waste the greatest opportunity we shall ever have–to live a life that is whole because it is wholly us!

It takes courage to try and continual effort to succeed. But most importantly, one must be open to the signs that appear, just for you, along the way.

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